Post Op Day 450

I tried. I tried twice and I just couldn’t do it this morning. My long run. It just wasn’t happening.

On my first attempt I drove an hour to a trail where I could run a loop twice to get in my miles. I arrived to find the trail completely overgrown. Like I needed a chainsaw or some hedge trimmers in hand to make it through. The trail was awful and completely covered in super thick spider webs (my reaction to those stringy awful fishing-line-thick webs is the gif below). No one had been on that trail for a while. I tried for about .5 a mile before giving up and turning back. Frustrated because 1) I’d driven an hour and 2) this was at a friggin state park. Trim back the trails, darn it.

SO I headed back towards home and decided to go to my old reliable 8-mile trail by the lake. The trail had been open for about an hour and I hoped that at least one person had hiked it before me so all the spider webs would be cleared. But no. No such luck. I once again made it about .5 a mile before walking into an enormous spider web and having the spider land smack on my chest. NOPE. DONE.

So I turned back and thought, well… I have a protein shake with me, I’ll drink and it and sit and wait for someone else to arrive and go ahead of me. Smart thinking, right? It’s a popular trail. Someone is bound to arrive soon. So shake, shake, shake, open, sip and AIGHHGHGHGHGHGH it was lumpy and had a lot of solids in it and was just wrong. I had to spit it out. (has that ever happened to you with the ready-t0-drink shakes in the tetra packs? I get a “bad” one every so often. SO irritating.)

Irritated and hungry I gave in.. not happening this morning.

There might still be a chance for me to get my run in later. I don’t know. I feel really awful today. Just drained. Batteries at zero. I awoke at 2am this morning and could not get back to sleep.. this girl does not function well on 4-5 hours of sleep. I also have what passes for a period today. I also am still incredibly rashy. I also really just kind of want to cry. Ever have those days? Ugh.

I figure, at the end of the day… it’s just a run. Who really cares if I do it or not. I know that’s a “bad attitude” but it’s the truth. I run a lot. I pushed hard on my run on Wednesday. I have a half marathon one week from today. I am 10000% confident I can run that distance, especially on a flat road course. I know I need to do some easy(ish) runs this week. Nothing bad will happen if I don’t get in today’s 12-14 miles. It’ll be alright. The world will go on. I could, instead, jog 3 or 4 miles.. and yep.. world would keep right on spinning.

I have to say though, that this morning after wussing out of two different trails because of: spiders, branches, overgrown bushes, and downed trees that I’m second guessing my ability to succeed at trail running. Like, why am I doing this again? Why isn’t running in my neighborhood perfectly adequate? There are no massive terrifying spiders on the sidewalks where I live! Why do I have to do the hardest thing possible? Could there be a world in which I could trail run without actually having to…. run on trails??!?!  hahaha

I’m sure I’ll change my attitude about it once I have some sleep and start to feel better. But right now, my treadmill is looking mighty nice.


About Michelle

We are what we repeatedly do.... I repeatedly: run, hike, eat as close to a pescatarian diet as possible, celebrate the body I have & strive to make peace with everything I can't change.

12 responses to “Post Op Day 450”

  1. Disappearing Darling says :

    LOL… spider dance twice in one day… that alone burned a massive amount of calories. Total cardio zone!😂😂😂 Take a rest and get at it. I know you will. Your head won’t let you off. It’s a curse.😉

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    • Michelle says :

      Oh my gosh, I totally ran like a little girl being chased by the boogie nan when that spider landed on my boobs and *I had to touch it* to get it off. They may have been a little screaming situation too. Hahaha I’m such a weenie.

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  2. curioussteph says :

    Sometimes the wisest choice is to say not now, and to let go of a plan. An analogy I sometimes use is that the best way to summit on Mt Everest is to know the conditions when an attempt is a bad idea. Surviving to run/climb another day really does keep your options open. I do get it, and at the same time, the lack of one planned training run won’t change how you do in your 1/2 marathon, although doing too much will. As Disappearing Darling said, you’ve done enough exercise with your two spider dances. Rest and run again.

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    • Michelle says :

      You’re right, I know you are. I know it’s best to skip one tiny thing that feels off so I can be successful in the great big scheme of things. My body knows that… my brain, on the other hand, says suck it up!! Lol. That said, the couch sure has been nice thus afternoon! Going to get out there tomorrow and see how it goes!

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      • curioussteph says :

        Sounds like a plan. Growing up skiing, there was the infamous “one more run”, which always seemed to be where someone got hurt. Hard, as I am personally well aware. Gotta make it work, what a trap. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

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  3. slimmingbsimcha says :

    If you aren’t enjoying it, maybe it isn’t the best sort of exercise for you?
    It’s like, you like the idea of being a trail runner, but the reality of it you really don’t enjoy, so do the type of running you love, minus the spiders.
    Or alternatively you could run in full body protective armour with a motor cycle helmet. Or have a servant run ahead of you with a big stick to clear the path first?
    Just my suggestions. 😉

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    • Michelle says :

      I’m fully on board with the servant running ahead of me and clearing the path! Honestly, when I’m just out hiking and B is with me I make him walk in front of me for that very reason!! HAHA! Too bad he’s not into the running thing!

      You’re right though that if I’m not into it I need to do something else… which is kind of what I’ve done this week. Stuck to the safe & sound treadmill and neighborhood streets.


  4. IU ErBear Runs says :

    For the trail race your strategy should be to hang back and let people go in front of you to catch the spiders!

    But if you needed a rest, you should take a rest! Pushing when our bodies aren’t into it isn’t necessary good for us.

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    • Michelle says :

      Oh TOTALLY!!! That’s 100% my strategy! The spider webs are mainly just a problem when I’m out doing a run on my own… especially in the early AM and I’m the first one on the trail. The obvious answer is to just do my trail run later in the day, but I prefer to get up and get it done but I may have to adjust! Or overcome my spider fears!!


  5. runeatralph says :

    Sorry you had a crappy run week. You sure did bring your gif game for this post though. 🙂

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