Post Op Day 8


I’ve been grumpy / irritated / annoyed / crotchety  / disagreeable all day. And for no reason. Well, no reason that I can identify right off anyway. I’m bored and feel well enough to get out and do things and but not so well that I’m 100%. I’m antsy around the house – I don’t have much routine housekeeping to do, most anything to do with the garden or yard is too strenuous and I can’t do anything “fun” yet like clean out closets. I don’t want a nap, don’t want to watch TV, don’t even want to read and that’s my go-to hobby!

I got the go ahead to return to work next week and I’m glad for that.

What I’m less glad about is how angry my right arm is just below where the IV was. It was a little sore, of course, immediately after coming home from the hospital and over the weekend I didn’t notice anything odd about it. But in the past day or two it’s been very tender and very sore and if I lift something (even like an ipad off the coffee table) with just that hand it feels like my arm is almost too weak to do so. Today it’s kind of swollen and red. Yay! Just what what I wanted! My doctors checked it out at my post-op appointment and said: yep. most likely superficial thrombophlebitis. Or, you know, like a baby blood clot in the vein where the IV was. I’m treating it right now with heat compresses and I was told to stay active (walk and swing that arm, don’t sit for long periods, etc). If it’s not better in a couple of days then they’ll prescribe antibiotics.

Super duper.

So the appointment itself was fine. I felt like I was definitely doing everything right and it was nice to talk to people who know exactly what I’m going through. There’s a support group meeting next Tuesday and I’m definitely planning on going to it.. just to get that same feeling I had at the clinic today.

My “official” stats for the day:


My first appointment this morning was with the nutritionist and we reviewed what I’ve been eating. She’s great and was very informative about the next stage of the diet which starts in a week (and I’ll do it for 2 weeks). It’s not much different the current stage with the exception of the addition of fish, soft vegetables, and a teeny tiny bit of sweet potato if I really want it. (ok, once I say that it sounds A LOT different from the stage I’m on!)

She was advocating tuna, white fish and salmon and had those wonderful plastic food items that bend and fit into measuring cups to show you how little 1/2 a cup is. Does every nutritionist have these? I really hope so.

I, of course, always have to take a minute and figure out what some of the mystery items are that are on the desk. (Even the little blob above could be any number of things – peanut butter? pumpkin? orange icing? sweet potatoes? lol. it’s sweet potatoes). But this one:


Now… this one is a gem. Any guesses as to what that is? To me it looks most like a coconut macaroon. But that’s the baker in me. If you guessed hash browns you’d be right.

My second appointment this morning was with my surgeon. Another doctor came in first and did most of my appointment with me and she’s really excellent. I’m kind of glad that I got to spend most of my time with her this morning. She’s really chatty and down to earth and I like that. We talked about my blood pressure which is still up (156/87 blah) and my pulse (86 hurrah) which is down from the 100-110 pre-op.

We of course did a happy dance over my weight loss.

She checked out my incisions and all is well there, though they’re itchy as heck and resisting the urge to itch them is very hard.

My lungs are sounding very good. I can blow into the spirometer and keep it topped out. Which is better than what I did pre-op.

All is well.

Except my arm.


After my appointments, this is the pretty place I walked:


Even after that: still grumpy.

I came home, “ate”, and took a nap. About to go back out for another stroll around the neighborhood. It’s something to do, right? Did I really fill up all this time with just eating??? I probably did.

It’s so weird – still – to be out and drive by fast food places and for a second think about what I should pick up for lunch. Just for a second. And then I remember. Or, last night, B and I had an errand to run after he got home from work. The place we had to go was near an outdoor shopping center which has a Genghis Grill (one of those pick your meat, pick your vegetables, pick your starch, and they saute/stir fry it all in a delicious seasoning type places). The words “oooh lets get dinner while we’re out…” were almost out of my mouth before I realized it. It’s weird. Because I don’t feel deprived. I’m not pining for it. I’m not miserable at the thought of not having it. I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I literally do not want it. It’s just habit. And now those habits have changed.


~20oz electrolyte water
10oz protein drink
03oz chicken broth
03oz sugar free jello
09oz protein drink

(so far)








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We are what we repeatedly do.... I repeatedly: run, hike, eat as close to a pescatarian diet as possible, celebrate the body I have & strive to make peace with everything I can't change.

8 responses to “Post Op Day 8”

  1. curvyfitfabuloss says :

    I love seeing your daily updates! Keep them coming. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. obese2beastblog says :

    Thanks for the update and congrats for surviving your first week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Peter says :

    Please keep posting. It’s such a source of encouragement to me, and I know it must help you too. Congratulations on the surgery. You can do this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • rny4me says :

      Thanks!! It is definitely encouraging to me and I’m glad you’re finding my experiences useful! I feel ya on the leaving the weight loss clinic & going to McDonald’s. I did that too. More than once!


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